7 Business Ideas

Kevin Rasmusson
5 min readJun 22, 2021


Interested in starting a business but need inspiration on what to actually do? Maybe you read my article on 3 passive income ideas and reached the conclusion that option 3, starting a business, was the one that suited you best? Well, good news, this article is just for you.

I will present seven business ideas, where hopefully at least one resonates with you enough for you to take action. Let’s start!

1. Consulting

The easiest way to start your own business is by continuing what you are doing at your current job, but as a consultant. This means, instead of one company paying you for your services, you land clients and thus become a consultant.

If you don’t have a job, or you don’t like what you do right now, ask yourself: “What am I really good at?” Examples of consulting careers are management, IT, accounting, marketing etc. Maybe you are excellent on social media, then choose to become a social media consultant.

Remember, landing a first client is the most difficult. The best tip I can give is to offer your services for free in the beginning. This builds your portfolio — previous work, essential for landing clients in the future — and you generate positive word of mouth (hopefully) from the company.

2. Buy & Sell things

This idea is great if you are looking for a side income. It is also the easiest one to see immediate returns. The basic idea is that you find value arbitrages on items, for example: Buy an iPhone from a seller on eBay, and relist the same item and make money on the arbitrage.

To do this effectively, you need to learn the prices of the market, and supply and demand for different products. I’d recommend going narrow initially, i.e. focusing on one product line, e.g. iPhones. Then, after having done a few profitable trades on iPhones I would move on to other phones, computers, cameras etc. Preferably, start with something you are interested in — you can find anything on eBay!

3. Freelancing



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